Jordan Peterson is the controversial Canadian professor and author who wrote the bestselling book "12 Rules for Life."

The Jordan Peterson Twitter saga began when he tweeted a picture of the cover of the July issue of Sports Illustrated, which had a photograph of a woman wearing a skimpy swimsuit.

Peterson’s tweet went viral among the left, while the right mocked him for his bizarre assessment of the image.

Peterson said he was “not criticizing the woman on the cover,” and that he was “criticizing the cover itself,” which he found to be “authoritarian.”

After receiving a wave of criticism, the Canadian professor and self-help author released a video explaining his tweet

Dr. Peterson has quit Twitter after coming under fire for saying the plus-size model is 'not beautiful'.

The controversial psychologist has a large following on the social media platform, with over half a million followers.

The controversial Canadian psychologist is also a professor at the University of Toronto and an author.

The professor of psychology at the University of Toronto said that he has received death threats in the past.

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